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What Tools are Required?
Below is a short list of most of the items required to install a new ceramic tile or stone floor. A tile cutter can be rented at most rental yards and some tile stores. If you have a lot of cuts to make I would suggest renting a wet saw.

1. Ceramic tiles or stone - Both full tiles and trim tile
2. Tile Spacers
3. Setting material- thin set, mastic or adhesive
4. Sanded Grout for grout joints over 1/8 inch.
Non-sanded or wall grout for joints
5. Level
6. Rags
7. Sponges-get several large sponges
8. Notched trowel
9. Grout Float
Heated Tile Floors
Turn Cold Tile into a Warm Floor

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Ultra-thin floor warming systems conveniently install under tile and stone to add soothing warmth and comfort to your favorite rooms.

10. Tape measure
11. Rubber mallet
12. Hammer
13. Putty knife
14. Several Buckets
15. Safety glasses
16. Knee pads for floor work
17. Tile cutter- these can be rented
18. Square
19. Tile nippers
20. Pliers
When I choose a trowel, what size notch should I go for?
It depends on the ceramic tiles you use for the job. If the back of the tile is flat, a 1/4 inch should be enough. If you use heavily corrugated tiles, you might want to use a 3/8 of an inch notched trowel.
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