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GETAGRIP is an anti-slip, floor treatment company. Our goal is to make each floor that we treat, slip-resistant, according to OSHA and the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. We guarantee that a GETAGRIP treated floor will have a compliant Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) reading of at least 0.6 and will remain that way for a minimum of 5 years.


Floors are treated by our technicians using GETAGRIP's proven anti slip formula. The treatment microscopically etches an invisible tread into the surface. These treads prevent the sole of a shoe or foot from slipping and sliding; thereby creating a non-slip surface. In most cases, there will be little or no gloss reduction or color change.


If you provide us with sample tile(s), we will treat them and return them to you, at no charge. In this way, you will be able to see exactly what your floor will look and feel like, before you have the work done. You will be amazed at how slip resistant and safe your floors can be after a GETAGRIP treatment.


Our slip-resistant floor product is always applied by GETAGRIP trained technicians. It takes our crews about two hours to treat 500 square feet. Application times are scheduled at your convenience, usually when your business is closed, so there is no interruption or inconvenience. As soon as our crew is finished, the floor will be slip resistant and ready to walk on. Cleaning can be done the same as always.


GETAGRIP can make ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, slate, concrete, etc. slip resistant. Usually there is very little or no change in color or gloss. If possible, we like to receive a sample of your tile, before doing the application. In this way, we can treat the tile and show you exactly what your floor will look like and how slip resistant it can be, before the job is done. There is no charge for this service.

Slip Resistant Floor Guarantee

Floors treated by GETAGRIP technicians are guaranteed to have a Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) reading of 0.6 or higher, for a minimum of 5 years The American with Disabilities Act rates horizontal surfaces with a SCOF of 0.6 slip resistant and safe.

Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Service Prevents Injuries and Saves Money

A GETAGRIP treated floor will make you compliant with OSHA and ADA requirements. You will be providing a safe, non slip floor for your for your employees and customers to walk on, thereby reducing the chances of a harmful slip/fall accident and/or a costly lawsuit. Your insurance premiums may be lowered and you may be eligible for tax benefits. Check with your insurance agent and ask your accountant about IRS Form 8826.

GETAGRIP anti slip floor service can make kitchens, lobbies, entry ways, shower rooms, patios, pool decks, etc. slip resistant and safe. The perfect safety solution for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings, malls, etc. Any business or residence that has tile, marble, granite, terrazzo or concrete floors, should have GETAGRIP make their slippery floors - no slip floors.

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Expensive

Slip and fall accidents are the 2nd leading cause of accidental deaths in the U.S. They are the single largest cause of emergency room visits and the average slip and fall injury costs $28,000.00. There are 9 million disabling slip and fall accidents each year according to the National Safety Council.

MAN AWARDED $5.8 MILLION - February 5TH 2007

A man who was seriously injured in a slip and fall accident at Seaview Lincoln-Mercury on January 17, 2003 has won over $5.7 million in a personal injury lawsuit. This is one of the largest jury verdicts in such a case in the history of southern New Jersey.

The suit named the car dealership, where the accident happened, and a mobile detailing company as defendants. The jury found the dealership 99 percent responsible for the accident, and ordered it to pay over $5.7 million to the plaintiff.


“Slippery When Wet” floor signs do not protect an establishment against litigation. They merely indicate that the owners recognize that they have a dangerous, slippery floor and have chosen not to correct the problem. In many instances, it is the business owners’ responsibility to prove that they “exercised reasonable care in the maintenance of the premises under the circumstances … business premises should be aware of the potentially hazardous conditions that arise from the way in which they conduct their business”. (Quote – Florida Supreme Court)






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